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Online Traffic School in Miami Gardens

When you get cited for speeding or pulled over for another moving violation in Miami Gardens, don't feel totally helpless. In spite of the headache, frustration, and monetary fine that comes with a traffic ticket, you can still relieve some of the torment by completing a FL Court approved traffic school program in Miami Gardens. When you complete traffic school via the internet, you can have your citation dismissed and the negative points dropped from your FL DHSMV driving record. Keeping points of your driver record in Miami Gardens is the best way to keep your automobile insurance rates from sky rocketing.

Discount Traffic School

Discount Traffic School - The Right Choice

Miami Gardens Online Traffic School

Online traffic school is really quite simple and even the most novice of computer users can have their ticket dismissed with ease. In most cases, simply register online with your ticket information at We'll look up your Florida issued citation and verify it is eligible for traffic school. If so, then you can enroll over the internet and get started that same day. Simply read some simple yet informational online traffic school lessons, pass some short quizzes, complete the final exam (you get multiple attempts) and voila, once you pass, your completion certificate will be issued, and shortly thereafter, your ticket will be dropped from your Florida driving record. It's that easy.

Discount Traffic School

Are you a night owl or an early bird? Is your lunch hour the best time to complete a task or do you have to wait for your children to go to bed? Our Discount traffic school course is available to you 24 hours a day, so you can login and logout anytime. No need to worry about losing your place because when you logout, our program saves the last section you were working on. Get the Discount traffic safety course in Miami-Dade County you can trust to make your life easier.

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Don't procrastinate until your ticket due date has already come and gone. If you are in a bind, start your course online today and choose one of our rush delivery options or speedy certificate processing services to help ensure your completion certificate gets submitted in time. Or maybe you're not in a hurry? Then go at your own leisurely pace, finish the course on your schedule, and have your certificate processed for free with our standard certificate processing services. When it comes to dismissing a traffic ticket in Miami Gardens, Miramar, Ives Estates, Pembroke Pines, Norland, Lake Lucerne, Scott Lake, Hallandale Beach, Carol City, Ojus, Hollywood, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Golden Glades, Davie, and Opa-locka our Discount traffic school is the right solution.

Online Florida BDI Traffic School

Discount Traffic School - Miami-Dade County

Do you live in Miami Gardens or anywhere in Florida, including Miramar, Ives Estates, Pembroke Pines, Norland, Lake Lucerne, Scott Lake, Hallandale Beach, Carol City, Ojus, Hollywood, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Golden Glades, Davie, and Opa-locka - and carry a non-commercial driving license? Then you are eligible to take our Discount traffic school course to fix your traffic ticket. Completing our Discount Basic Driver Improvement course can help you save on auto insurance rates, as well as drop points off of your Florida DMV driving record.

Save Your Miami-Dade County Driver Record

If you get are cited for a non-criminal moving violation in Miami-Dade County, do not have a commercial drivers license (CDL), and your have internet access, you can attend an online BDI traffic school ticket course rather than getting points added to your FL driver's license. In fact, you may be able to remove several 3-point, 4-point, and even 6-point moving violations from your driving record. Why do you want to remove points from your driving record in Miami Gardens? Because if you get 12 points within 12 months, 18 points within 18 months, or 24 points within 36 months your driving privilege may be suspended... not to mention your insurance rates almost always increase anytime new points show up on your driving record. Taking a Discount traffic school class can keep you driving and saving money at the same time.

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